Most loved drinks brands revealed by 100,000 consumers

Most loved drinks brands revealed by 100,000 consumers

A survey of just under 100,000 consumers has revealed which drinks brands the UK loves the most and why.

The Top 100 Most Loved Drinks Brands is the first report of its kind and aims to highlight what drinks brands UK adults have the closest emotional connection with.

Based on data from BrandVue Drinks, the market intelligence platform from research agency Savanta, the findings compile responses from 96,000 UK adults aged 16 to 74, who were interviewed online from August 2019 until July 2020.

These 8,000 interviews per month (over 250 per day) have provided rich and detailed data about the behaviour and attitudes of UK drinks buyers – essential reading for sports and leisure caterers.

Spread across 27 drinks categories, the free report allows operators to find out which drinks their potential customers are most likely to order based on the brands they have the most love for.

Within the report, the Top 100 lists the UK’s top drinks brands overall, so beers can be compared with wine and spirits brands, for example. However, it also compares responses by region and different demographic sub-groups, as well as listing details of winners within each drinks category.

“Congratulations to the winners of our UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Drinks Brands report,” says Roger Perowne, UK CEO of Savanta. “It’s great to see a wide range of different beverages in there – from alcoholic drinks to soft drinks, there’s something for everyone’s taste buds. It’s also interesting to see that while we are hugely fond of our well known and best-selling brands, there is room for less well-known aspirational brands such as craft beers and gins.

“Though we might not have been able to visit the local pub, the data also shows that the lockdown didn’t stop Brits from indulging in their favourites and, interestingly, it didn’t change which drinks brands people love the most at all.”

Operators can find out where brands ranked by downloading the report for free here.