Bidfood has revealed the food and drink dining trends set to shape the foodservice industry in 2021.

According to the company’s new report, wellness will be a priority, with diet, exercise and weight management front of mind. For some, this will mean adopting new diets and lifestyles, while others will make subtler changes to their routine, such as healthy swaps and additions to dishes.

Careful consumption will be a key trend, as consumers look to support low impact and local businesses along with brands and producers that align with their values on diversity and equality.

There will also be a focus on ‘little luxuries’ as consumers look for ways to elevate everyday experiences. For some, this trend will be as simple as upgrading everyday rituals like tea and breakfast with a little gourmet twist, such as a rare tea with an exotic flavour profile. For others, it will be about upgrading with craft ingredients like truffle oil or experimenting with natural biodynamic wine. There will also be a growing appreciation for craft technique.

Carbs will find themselves firmly back in fashion as consumers seek comfort in food. People will continue to make their homes and family lives as comfortable as possible and will stay on top of meal planning and schedules.

As part of the ‘new normal’, we will become more reliant on online solutions, as science becomes the great hope of a society facing impending food insecurity and climate crisis.

Finally, with travel restrictions likely to continue in 2021, it is thought that consumers will explore various countries through the food they have to offer. Well-established cuisines, such as Italian, Japanese and Indian, will be explored in more depth, and there will be rising influences from African and regional Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Full details on each of the trends can be found here.